Donate Your Bras & Earn Rewards!

Frequently asked questions

How to donate?

  • Wash and dry items to be donated
  • Pack the items. New and good condition items to be packed separately with size mentioned
  • Click here for shipping address and to confirm your donation
  • Courier your donations and send tracking number here
And you're done! Once the donations are received, you will receive your reward and certificate

What can be donated?

  • Bras in usable conditions (that you no longer want)
  • Old or damaged bras
  • Slips
  • Women's panties
  • Men's underwear
  • Children's innerwear
  • Socks

What are the rewards?

You will receive Cheeky Cheats coupon redeemable at

  • For 1-10 bras - 10% off
  • For 11-20 bras - 20% off
  • For more than 20 bras - 30% off
If you are not donating bras but still have a large donation of other items, you will still receive an equivalent coupon You will also receive an e-certificate of your donation

Why to donate?

  • Most people discard their unwanted lingerie in the trash that ends up being dumped in landfills or burnt. More than 95% trash is never recycled
  • Your donations will be sorted into new, reusable items and old, damaged items
  • New and reusable bras will be donated while the old, damaged bras, panties, slips and other lingerie will be segregated and recycled
  • By donating your lingerie, you'll be helping those in need as well as helping the environment

How to volunteer for collection?

  • Click here and write to us
  • Please mention your location and how you can help this endeavor
  • You can set up collection centres at hostels, PGs, societies, clubs, kitty parties, malls, offices, shops, etc

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